Home Brew Beer – The Counterpart of Commercially Produced Beer

When Dionysus created wine, he must have been enamored by the taste of grapes that he forgot to proclaim “let there be beer!” and thus the absence of home brew beer in great mythologies. However, I don’t mind this short sightedness on the god’s end because ancient cultures such as those of Egyptians and Sumerians more than made up for it when they created their own versions of the delightful beverage. Since then, beer has become one of our favorite drinks and today, aside from those that are manufactured by companies like Heineken USA, we have what we commonly refer to as the home brews.

Home brew beer, as its name suggests, is beer that we create in our own kitchen (or anywhere in our own backyard) using our own beautiful hands. Of course the process takes long and is usually difficult at first. Over time though, home brewing becomes second skin particularly with the help of quality beer making equipment and brewing kits. In fact, home brewing is very interesting and easy to learn that it is advocated by many people and is fast becoming a hobby. Furthermore, home brewing is also gaining popularity because beer that is domestically produced is usually cheaper than its commercial counterpart and people generally favor cheaper things especially if they are just as good as the more expensive stuff.

But how do we initiate the beer making process? The very first thing that we have to consider is the equipment that we want to use. If we are new to the activity, it would be best if we start with brewing kits because they always have the things that are essential for the process. Along with starter kits, we need home brew recipes which we could use if the idea of experimenting on flavors does not appeal to us. There are a number of sources that offer us recipes for creating a variety of home brew beer that would tickle our senses.

We might wonder about the taste of home brewed beer. Many individuals claim that homebrew tastes like heaven. Some say that it tastes just like the way a master creates it. Perhaps these descriptions are true. Perhaps they are a little bit exaggerated. What we know for sure is that home brew beer is made of an assortment of flavorsome ingredients that it can taste like anything – from something fruity to something with a hint of cinnamon and honey. It can also be strong and bitter which is palatable to certain beer lovers. However it tastes, home brew is good so long as the person is able to perfect its creation. And with practice, anyone can surely perfect the home brewing process.

So the next time our urge kicks in and we feel like drinking a bottle of beer or a keg of it (if our ultimate goal is to get drunk), let us toast home brew beer and together let us yell “let there be home brew!”

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